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Let me be your hero

Once upon a time there was a little girl. The most beautiful girl in all the kingdom. But she was under a firm lock and key by the dragons and demons who circled and danced about her castle. They broke her spirit, made her beleive she was plain and lame. She had a cannon inside her tower which sometimes she would fire at them, but they were too close to the castle, the cannonballs always overshot them.

Across the river there was a little boy. He too was surrounded by demons. And just like the girl, his cannon would not reach the monsters who laughed at him and teased him from his own courtyard. The two children were miserable and sat and cried all day long inside their towers.

Until one day the boy looked out his window and saw something twinkle across the river. He reached for his spyglass and looked in the direction of the sparkle. He saw the fair-haired young beauty watching him through her own spyglass. He saw her smile and he laughed. All day long they watched each other and made faces and winked and laughed. It was the best day of either of their lives.

That night, after the sun set, when the girl dropped her lens. The boy watched her collapse by her window and cry, and started to cry himself. He set down his spyglass and took aim with his cannon and fired upon the trapped girl's demons. One by one they were crushed under his furious firing. The monsters scrambled around the base of the castle and were easily hit as they failed to dodge the gigantic lead balls.

When the girl heard the noise of his cannon she knew instantly what was going on. She trained her cannon on the laughing creatures surrounding his tower and took them down like he took hers. Immediately the beasts stopped laughing and started screaming. They ran like misguided ants while the weight of her fire flattened them.

At one point during the battle two balls collided over the river, exploding in a cloud of purple and red light. The childred were warmed by its light and the prospect of the laughter from across the river.

Finally, when the last hyena-laugh was silenced, both climbed down the towers with ropes of bedding they had tied long ago. They ran across the space between them, dodging the wounded monsters, and hugged on the bridge spanning the river. It was there that they had their first kiss, a long kiss full of tears and full of laughter. They knew that they'd never have to face their demons alone again.
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